First Crush Lip Scrub by Lydia Mondavi

Lip Scrub

Preserves First Crush Grape Seed Age Protecting™ Lip Scrub

PRESERVES Lip Treatment
Lip care beyond just moisturizing and protecting-these products will become vital to your perfect pout.

A mini-facial especially for the lips, this Lip Exfoliating Treatment combines the power of crushed grape seeds with the anti-oxidant and moisture benefits of grape seed extract and apricot. Rub a little between the lips and tissue off. For intense moisture, follow with Wine Blot Lip Balm.

Long-lasting grape seed anti-oxidant enriched lip scrub nourishes and protects the lips from environmental pollutants and the harmful effects of free radicals. PRESERVES Lip Treatment exfoliates the lips, providing smooth and moisturized lips while visibly easing the signs of aging. Apply evenly to the lips, gently rub lips together and tissue off.


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